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Emerald Landscaping Block Walls and Steps

Penticton and South Okanagan's Finest Landscaping and Irrigation Company
Installing quality Allan block, Keystone and Unilock walls, steps and other engineered block wall products to the highest industry standards

Emerald Irrigation and Landscaping is proud to be an installer of the following fine block construction materials:

allan block      keystone wall      abbotsford concrete products      wescon pavers       unilock

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Emerald Landscaping serving Penticton and the South Okanagan

  Advantages of block retaining walls

 There are many advantages to using block retaining walls systems over the traditional methods such as rebar reinforced poured concrete retaining walls. Some of the advantages of using block and geogrid retaining wall systems are:

The method of using concrete blocks and geogrid is an ancient soil retaining technique borrowed from the construction of the Great Wall of China, where they used bamboo laid down in a latticework on soil layers of backfill and then repeated at certain intervals of backfilling levels. Today’s geo-technology for retaining walls uses materials that have been scientifically researched and honed to perfection to provide a far superior retaining wall system. These types of concrete block retaining walls have proven to be extremely useful from an engineering, aesthetic, and cost efficient viewpoint.

Amazingly, block wall systems such as Allan Block®, Keystone® and others types of block wall systems, are used in many astounding retaining wall applications. Some of the applications are for the stabilisation of landslide areas, construction of large retaining walls for increased usable land areas, enlarging slope crests by increasing the angle of repose with a retaining wall, and the construction of roadway and railway embankments.

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