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Emerald Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to landscaping, hardscaping, water features, irrigation, fencing, lighting, wooden structures, snow removal and maintenance

 Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

If I landscape my house, will it increase its equity? Yes, if your house is lacking landscaping adding things like hardscaping, retaining walls, landscaping and irrigation will definitely increase your home’s value and equity.

Do some shrubs that are used in landscape designs have poisonous berries or seeds or toxic leaves? Yes there are many types of poisonous shrubs, berries and seeds that exist and are popular for landscaping, but if this is a concern for you because you have small children or pets, let us know as there are also many, if not more non poisonous plants to choose from that look beautiful and are suited to your landscape.

What is hardscaping? Hardscaping is an unfamiliar term to many homeowners; there are divisions of overall landscaping projects into what is known as hardscaping and softscaping and will make more sense when I give you a definition below:
‘Hardscaping’ or ‘hardscape’ refers to the non-living components of any landscaping project. Components such as paving stones, block walls, rock walls, feature rocks, wooden pergolas, decks, fencing, driveways, and other such elements are considered hardscaping.

What would you suggest for driveway landscaping? A mixture of both hardscaping and softscaping typically makes the most gorgeous effect of driveway landscaping. Paving stone driveways are a popular choice due to their rugged durability and easy repair ability. Paving stones do not crack with freeze-thaw cycles unlike asphalt or concrete driveways and are by far the most impressive kind of driveway. A wall along one edge of the driveway can have a very impressive look. Iron gates attached to pillars at the front of the driveway can be extremely pleasing to look at while offering some security. Depending on your driveway and your budget, you can landscape just the entrance of the driveway or the entire length with plants and flower gardens along with large feature rocks to give a natural appeal. Many options are possible for unique and gorgeous driveway landscaping.

What plants are the best to plant in rock gardens? Plants that are featured in rock gardens should be ones that compliment the rocks in which they are planted. Typically rock gardens are created because of the low amount of maintenance that they require, when choosing plants for a rock garden choose low maintenance plants that are drought tolerant and plants that require little pruning or fertilizing. Depending on where you live and factors such as elevation, annual rain fall, frost free days and other factors, the choice for plants will vary greatly. Typically, it is best to visit your local plant retailer and ask them what plants they would suggest that would compliment your rock garden.

There are three different types of soils. How do I find out my soil type? The three types of soils are sand, clay, and loam. There also exist mixtures of these three types in varying proportions. A simple test, although not 100% accurate, to see what type of soil is prevalent where you live are to take a marble sized piece of moist soil and with your thumb and index and middle finger try to make a ball out of the soil. A clay soil will easily roll into a marble shape. A sand soil will not form at all into a ball shape and just fall apart. A loam soil will somewhat form into a ball but will fall apart when you stop trying to make it into a ball.

What are the advantages of automatic irrigation systems? Do they waste water? Automatically starting irrigation systems are perfect for those who are busy and travel a lot. Automatic irrigation systems conserve far more water than the typical hose and sprinkler method. With a properly designed irrigation system, you get 100% coverage of your lawn and planting areas as well as the most water efficient means of irrigating. Automatic irrigation systems can be fine-tuned to precise water amounts being applied to areas that need a certain amount of water to sustain plant and lawn life, thus reducing your overall water consumption. Another advantage of an automatic irrigation system is you do not have to drag hoses all over the yard, which saves time and hassle. Plants and lawns typically do far better with irrigation systems than with hose and sprinkler watering. Soil nutrient leeching is greatly reduced with an irrigation system and saves on fertilizer costs.


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