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Emerald Landscaping Chain Link and Wooden Fencing

Penticton and South Okanagan's Finest Landscaping and Irrigation Company Installing the highest quality chain link fencing as well as wooden fencing for privacy, pets and peace of mind





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Emerald Landscaping serving Penticton and the South Okanagan


Three common types of fencing that we install at Emerald Landscaping are:

● Block Fencing
We install the mortarless block type fencing made by Allan Block® and other mortar-less block fencing systems. Block fencing is definitely the most noise decreasing option of fence choices. If sound blocking and absorbing is of high importance to your fencing needs, foam or other insulation can be placed in the hollow block portions to increase the sound barrier effect of your fence. Mortarless fences are less expensive than mortared masonry constructed fences but have the same aesthetic appeal.
  Mortarless block fences highly enhance landscaping features while also providing privacy and security. Iron or aluminum fencing can be incorporated along with block fencing for more aesthetic appeal. Block fencing is available in many different block sizes, finishes, and colours, which is useful for creating patterns in the fencing if desired and is helpful if you are trying to match the colours of existing buildings. Fencing made from this material can be built up to 15 feet high or more if engineered and constructed properly.

● Wire Fencing
Typically, chain link fencing or page wire fencing (for deer) is what we recommend for installation. Chain link is more popular for your average yard needs and provides a moderate amount of security and good pet containment. Chain link fencing is also known as hurricane fencing, cyclone fencing, wire netting, and chain wire fencing. Chain link fencing is made from galvanized steel or plastic coated steel wire and has the signature zigzag diamond pattern. The widespread use of chain link fencing is due to the low cost of materials and installation compared to other types of fencing. Chain link fences do not dim sunlight and will not block wind to the same degree as other types of fencing due to the open weaved design. Galvanized or coated steel posts are typically set in concrete to allow for tensioning of the fence and for strong and secure anchoring.

● Wood Fencing
The main types of wood fencing are panel, picket, stockade, lattice, and post and rail. Despite the disadvantages of a fence made from wood such as rot and weathering, customers still desire the simple unique character a wood fence brings. Thankfully, with the advent of modern wood preservation techniques and chemicals, a wooden fence can last far longer than previously experienced in times past. Panel fencing is becoming the new fashionable style of wood fencing and is made from factory made wooden panels that are attached to concrete anchored posts; this type of fence provides high privacy and security. Stockade style wood fencing gives a property a country feel to them, there are many different construction techniques for this type of fence. Picket fencing is the most common kind of wood fencing and is able to be constructed for your specific requirements, whether they are a solid fence or one that has spaces for light and airflow. Lattice fencing is another common type of fencing and is ideal when implemented with vine plantings and can provide privacy and charm. Post and rail is typically used for penning in of animals or for a country landscape appearance.


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