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Emerald Hardscaping serving Penticton and the South Okanagan

 If you are considering landscaping your yard, you may want to consider the benefits of hardscaping. In the Okanagan, hardscaping has become one of the most popular ways to create useful outdoor structure, beauty, and usability. Also structurally speaking the use of hardscaping elements to create patios, stairs, and retaining walls is far more visually appealing and softer, less industrial looking than conventional concrete structures. The structural integrity aspects of block walls, rock walls, paving stones, and flagstones are desirable if installed correctly with proper base materials and backfill. Emerald Irrigation and Landscaping prides itself in installing hardscaping elements to the highest industry standards and quality.

 The key to success in any type of hardscaping is careful planning. One thing you do not want to do is a hasty installation of expensive hardscaping materials that are labour and time intensive and then not be happy with the results. A problem we often encounter is ill planned and incorrectly installed hardscaping that was not completed to industry standards. Certain protocols are vital for success if you want a finished hardscaping project installed correctly and providing a lifetime of enjoyment and use. Some of the important factors to consider are:


- Simply put, when it rains or when the snow melts where does all the water go?

- Is there proper structural implementation needed to deal with the water?

- If, a large downpour happens is the structure able to cope with the extra load of water and be able to disperse the water where it needs to go.

- Is the grading of materials around the structure completed in such a way as to help deal with water and drainage issues?

 Base material

- What type of soil is present in the area of your desired project?

- Will unsuitable materials need to be excavated out to begin the project?

- What happens to the soils when exposed to heavy rainfall?

- Are there organic soil materials present that need to be removed for a proper base preparation?

- Is the area where you plan to build your structure on fill material?

- Was the fill compacted correctly and able to support the project?


 Project placement

- What benefits will be gained by implementing the structure in the planned placement, and will the cost be worth those benefits?

- Is the planned project within the correct boundaries of property lines?

- Is the planned project over the top of septic tanks or fields or over the top of gas, water, or electrical lines?

- If the project is happening close to property lines, is permission available from the adjoining property owners to work on their property?


  It becomes evident that correct structural installation of a hardscaping project is vital to the longevity of the completed project. Far too often we are asked to work on, fix or repair incorrectly installed hardscaping projects. It becomes disheartening and sad at times to see such projects knowing that the homeowner has spent a lot of time and money for a project that is structurally unable to last a lifetime. It is also important when attempting to install hardscaping elements to know whom you might be hiring and ask for a list of completed projects in order to observe the quality of installations. If you are attempting to do your own home project, educate yourself on how to install by speaking to the retail provider of your project building material and asking for resource materials on installation. If you are in doubt, you can always hire a professional, and that is where Emerald Landscaping and Irrigation can help. We have been installing professional hardscaping for years and have the highest quality installations and the professional experience to provide for you the best hardscaping available in Penticton and the South Okanagan.


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