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Why install an automatic irrigation system?

The convenience of an irrigation system is quite noticeable to new irrigation system owners. The hot dry months of summer can almost invoke a full time job of pulling hoses and sprinklers around a yard. If you have a big lawn and a landscape with numerous plants, an irrigation system can save you an enormous amount of time as well as increasing the health and growth of your plants. If you like to get away in the summertime for a few days holiday, an irrigation system is a definite plus during the scorching hot months.

When it comes to water conservation, an irrigation system is far more efficient than watering by hose and sprinkler. Typically, when watering a lawn with hose and sprinkler most people leave them in one area until puddles form and the area is flood irrigated instead of receiving entire lawn coverage. The disadvantage of this is far more water being used as well as soil nutrient leaching occurs far more rapidly, also, there is the danger of sinkholes or structure damage because of too much water concentration in one area.

Proper design and installation is of high importance, more so in townships with irrigation bylaws. Complete coverage design, sprinkler head selection, backflow preventers, filters, valves, gallons per minute, and many other parts and factors are necessary for a professional irrigation installer like Emerald Irrigation to install a long lasting and ideal irrigation system. Many attributes of an automatic irrigation system are best left to a professional. A properly installed irrigation system will save you time, water, and in the end money. You will also have a gorgeously green yard with a healthy vibrant lawn and plants that are well watered.

If you have any questions, if you are considering an irrigation system or need repairs done to your existing system, please contact us.


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