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  Low Voltage Lighting

There are many reasons to add low voltage lighting to your landscaping. One of the main reasons for adding low voltage lighting is to accentuate your landscaping and have it visible in the nighttime allowing for longer outdoor enjoyment. Outdoor low voltage lighting can be helpful as a safety feature allowing people to see where they are walking in low light conditions. Security is also a consideration of installing low voltage lighting, a properly lit home is one that is less of a target for a thief. A common method of outdoor lighting for security is arranging the lights so that any would be intruder will be silhouetted on the side of a building or on some background to draw far more attention to any movements made on the property.

The history of low voltage lighting is one where an electrical contractor in the 1950’s somewhere in California was asked to install some outdoor light fixtures. The man’s name was Bill Locklin, who designed a system using car headlights and a car battery. Due to the low voltage, the safety factor for this type of electricity is very high and the idea of a safe outdoor lighting system increased the demand for low voltage lighting systems. Installing low voltage lighting since that time has become more regulated and should be installed by a certified low voltage lighting installer such as Emerald Landscaping. Most low voltage lighting systems are based on a 12-volt system, the original invention used a 12-volt system, but now the latest systems use a power transformer instead of a car battery. Low voltage lighting systems use less energy than typical 120-volt lighting systems and therefore are an energy conscience way of lighting your outdoors.

Low voltage outdoor lighting is becoming very trendy for landscaping, but also provides very useful and efficient lighting solutions without sacrificing beauty. Careful designing and installation is a key to a beautiful and long lasting outdoor lighting system. Low voltage lighting is more for ambience and as mild safety lighting, parking lot and other critical night lighting areas are not well suited to low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting changes the nighttime appearance of your business or home into a calming, warm, and inviting place. There are many different sizes, shapes, colors and lighting effects that are available with this type of outdoor lighting that will complement any landscaping you may have. Patios, decks, and walkways are some of the most prevalent areas in which people install low voltage lighting. There are even lighted patio stones available if you are installing a new patio.


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