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Emerald Landscaping Rock Walls and Natural Stone Products

Penticton and South Okanagan's Finest Landscaping and Irrigation Company
Installing quality rock walls and feature rocks to the highest industry standards with the unmatched natural beauty of real stone, also a supplier of landscape rocks, stones and shale products

Emerald Landscaping serving Penticton and the South Okanagan

 Natural rock retaining walls look incredible and add character and value to any landscaping setting. Rock retaining walls are built in many fashions and at Emerald Landscaping; we have two main cost efficient ways of building rock retaining walls, one is the dry stack method and the other is the large blast rock wall built by excavating equipment. Mortar and rock walls can be built as well or a rock facing on a concrete wall, if desired by the homeowner. As rocks do not come in standard sizes and shapes, the building of rock walls becomes a real art form and is a time and labour intensive project. The results of using natural rocks for your retaining wall are a stunning yet simple look. Natural rock structures fit in well with almost any existing landscaping features you may have.

Construction of natural rock walls follows the familiar pattern of proper base preparation, drainage, backfill materials, and compaction. These standard rules to follow for any hardscaping installation insure a finished product that will stand the test of time, usage, and weather changes. Natural large rock walls are a favourite along lakeshores and other water front applications due to their strength and wave and water resistance. Dry stacking, hand placed rock walls are favourites for garden areas and other non-critical retaining wall applications due to their implicit beauty and desirable visual effects. Although it should be noted that the installation of such dry stacked walls are labour and time intensive, but the results of such projects are well worth the effort.