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Emerald Landscaping Snow Removal

Penticton and South Okanagan's Snow Removal Experts
Removing snow from driveways, parking lots and private streets; we also have ice control equipment to both melt and pre-treat areas subject to ice slicks

Emerald snow removal serving Penticton and the South Okanagan

 Our snow removal equipment is some of the most top quality equipment for snow removal equipment in the Penticton and the South Okanagan. We have ice control equipment, snowploughs, and snow scoops. We also have trucks for hauling snow away and hand shovels to remove snow. Whatever your snow removal needs might be, we can accommodate you.

 Snow removal of city sidewalks in front of your home has become a legal requirement in most cities. Unfortunately, snow removal often seems like a necessary evil when you are a homeowner. There actually are strategies involved in snow removal, and using the strategies can save you an injury or property damage. You can increase your snow removal efficiency!

 Shovelling snow the old-fashioned technique: If you cannot afford a snow blower or the cost of hiring a snow ploughing company, your only option may be to shovel the snow by hand. If this is your method, of snow removal remember that doctors report that the most back and muscle injuries happen after a large snowfall, mostly due to improper procedure. Anytime you need to shovel snow by hand or do any type of physical work in a cold environment be sure to stretch and do warm up exercises so you don’t pull your muscles once you start working. Try to push snow instead of lifting it with the shovel, and if you need to lift a shovel full of snow use your legs to lift and not your back. Your chances of receiving a painful muscular or back injury will be minimized.

  If you have a large or long driveway, a long sidewalk or a parking lot to remove snow on you may want to hire a professional snow removal company to do the snow removal for you. With the machines they use a very large area can be cleared in a matter of minutes compared to someone taking hours by hand to remove the snow from the same area. The amount of time and effort saved typically pays for the snow removal charge every time. When you hire Emerald for snow removal, our experienced operators perform the snow removal process safely, efficiently and without damage occurring to your pavement.  

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