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  Advantages of Soft Landscaping

An obvious well-known reality is that landscaping your yard, office, or place of work transforms it from something plain to something interesting and beautiful. However this is not the only benefit, that landscaping has to present. Some other very amazing and significant advantages of landscaping are below:

People recovering from sickness or disease recover faster when there is beautiful landscaping that is viewable from inside the hospital. It is scientifically proven that people recover faster in hospitals that are well landscaped; recently health care professionals are considering this when it comes to treatment. It is an interesting fact that the mind can have a positive effect of recovery by simply having a gorgeous landscaped surrounding.

Using plants in landscaping helps purify the air in area they are placed and generate oxygen from carbon dioxide. Landscaping your yard with trees, shrubs and other plants helps you to decrease the effects of pollution and carbon dioxide generation in our earth’s atmosphere. Some positive effects of soft landscaping with plants are reducing the speed of wind in your neighbourhood, blocking and absorbing noise from traffic or industry, and reducing and controlling soil erosion.

Soft landscaping can greatly reduce energy usage and give savings on the power bills during the summer months of the year. Trees tend to cool the environment around them through transpiration by taking in the sunlight and releasing water vapour much like a swamp cooler works. This can be especially advantageous if you plant deciduous trees in a way to shade a building, then come the winter months the shade of the leaves are gone and then the sun helps to heat the building. Vines can be used in the same way to cool sunny sided walls down but allow sunlight in the winter months for heating. A properly planned and installed landscaped house can save up to 40% on power bills as compared to a non-landscaped house.

Landscaping increases curb appearance and property value by greatly enhancing the appeal of a property. Even a plain and simple house if landscaped properly can increase the value, saleability, and the speed of a sale, this fact is well known by the real estate industry and is a definite way of making your house stand apart from others on the market. Some of the most sale influencing landscape features are shrub, tree, and plant gardens, paving stone walkways, patios and driveways, archways and pergolas and water features like ponds and waterfalls.

Privacy as well as home security can be increased with properly designed landscaping features. Placing shrubs to cover doorways can block your entering and exiting from the nosey next-door neighbours or others who may be unduly interested as to whether anyone is home or not. Outdoor landscape lighting can help reveal intruders while allowing you to enjoy your beautiful landscaping even at night.

There are many reasons to consider landscaping for your home or business and these are just a few considerations for you to ponder. If you have any questions, we at Emerald Landscaping and Irrigation would be happy to help you.


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