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 Arbours or pergolas are a landscaping feature structure that forms a shaded walkway or patio area made of pillars, cross beams and latticework. Vines are trained to grow on the structure to provide shade and create a pleasant and cool area for sitting or walking in the hot summer months. Pergolas give the climbing vines a sturdy structure to grow on without the problems that happen when vines grow on buildings, such as clogging eaves troughs and destroying siding.

 The creation of pergolas dates back to medieval days and Renaissance times and where typically constructed of freshly cut green and easily pliable willow or hazel shoots and formed into archways into which other shoots are then woven to create a latticework. Vines where then trained to grow on this structure, which would create passageways that where cool in the summer and where dryer to walk under in a rain shower than the open air.

 Pergolas can be made of stone, brick, iron, and other materials for both beauty and permanency. Most modern pergolas are now made from dimensional treated lumber for weather resistance and are far more affordable than stone, brick, or iron. As far as a landscaping feature, pergolas are becoming very popular especially in the Okanagan where the summer days can be extremely hot and sunny. The cool shade provided by these ‘living’ structures is fantastic and is a very relaxing landscaping feature. Typically, a paving stone patio is installed under the pergola and vines are planted at each of the support pillars. In time, the vines completely cover the structure and create one of the nicest outdoor sitting places you could imagine on hot summer days.

 An interesting and very functional idea is to plant table grapes that will eventually cover the pergola and provide all the usual pergola benefits but also provide food benefits. Using grapes on your pergola can create a ‘garden of Eden’ effect where you can sit, relax, and enjoy some mouth-watering grapes while avoiding the hot summer sun. No matter what type of vines you plant to grow on your pergola, you will want to prune and train your vines regularly so you achieve the desired effects and not a mess that is difficult to sit under without vines brushing you. Please contact us at Emerald Landscaping if you would like to discuss ideas for creating a backyard paradise using a pergola as a landscape feature.


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